Benefits Of Corex -A Heating Technology in Vaporesso

Benefits Of Corex -A Heating Technology in Vaporesso

Vaping pod systems are becoming the new cool. More and more people are switching to e-cigarettes because of their tremendous advantages over traditional cigarettes. Because of becoming such a mainstream thing, more and more brands are launching their own models featuring various technologies. Different models, colors, styles, and designs have been launched for vapers over the world.

Vaporesso has been working on innovative technology to introduce it into its high-end vape pods. It is called Corex heating technology which has vapers around the world hooked and impressed with its positive results. You can also visit the Vaporesso website to know more about this technology. In this article, we will discuss about the several advantages of corex technology used in vaporesso pods. Give it a quick scan!

Accurate flavor production

Corex heating technology is known for providing the vaper with the best flavor possible, which gives a punch to their senses. Because this heating structure provides heat to the e-liquid to convert into vapor, it has to be accurate and efficient. The holes in the mesh structure and its surface area provide a larger contact surface to liquid to vapor with the flavor into large smoke clouds.

Fast and even heating with morph mesh structure

The morph mesh structure installed into the vaporesso pod is the main element, which is the reason for all these great advantages. The mesh structure has a wide surface area with holes all over it. It has a special pattern that is intended for many purposes. Firstly, they help in heating the coil evenly and swiftly. This is also supported by the design of the mesh, which is thin in the middle section and a little thicker from the edges.

Fluffier calamus cotton

The innovative corex heat technology works in combination with the calamus cotton, which is made up of special, premium microfiber that has pores into it. These microfibers help the cotton in doing its intended work well. When compared to traditional cotton used in other pod systems, this is ten times fluffier. When there is less liquid remaining in the pod, calamus cotton fixes the burning problem by permitting more space for saturation and the delivery of liquid.


When using other vaping pods, you have to consistently change the coil in your pods. This is because they are round with a little surface area, and the heat is just concentrated at a particular place. Because Vaporesso pods have a larger mesh area, the heat spreads, and the durable coil lasts longer than any other coil. When you take the first puff, you get the full flavor, and when you take the last one, you get the same consistency that was expected from the first one.


There are many more advantages that you can get with this corex heating technology. vaporesso is constantly making this technology better than the other day just to give its customers what they truly deserve. If you also want a taste of heaven and chase some huge clouds get one for yourself too.