O rings and their functions in Pressure Washer Fittings

O rings and their functions in Pressure Washer Fittings

O-rings are a torus shaped ring that is used as an automotive seals. The O-ring is the most common seal used in pressure washer fittings. O-rings are circular cross-section rings that fit into a groove and squeezed all through fabrication between two or more parts, resulting in a leak-proof wrap at the interface. Unless you are used to maintaining your pressure washer you may be surprised with the leak without notice because of these worn out rings.

Basically, O-rings are a simple piece of rubber or synthetic material that has been shaped like a donut. This round-shaped ring is then placed around the cylinder or any other component of the machine of which it becomes an integral part.

When these O-rings are placed in the machine, they sit in a groove or channel and also have an axial load applied to them. Due to this pressure, the O-ring gets compressed and results in it making a perfect seal around the component where it is placed.

O-rings are essential for any pressure washer because they prevent any fluid from leaking out of the machine. These leaks can be very dangerous since they can result in the spray from the water being directed towards other people which could cause serious injuries. The leaking fluid can also damage any surrounding area that gets sprayed which could result in costly damages.

O-rings do not require very much maintenance when used on pressure washers and in most cases, as long as you clean them every once in a while, they will remain effective for a long time without requiring replacement.

How to Tell Faulty O-rings in Pressure Washers

Faulty or cracked O-rings can cause leaks or breaks in the washer hose. Here’s what you need to know about O-rings and how to tell if they need replacing.

Examine your seals

If you have been having problems with leaks in your pressure washer, the first thing to do is examine the seals and O-rings for damage. The most common problem is with the water inlet filter. Remove this from the machine and look carefully at the rubber O-ring next to it. Does it look fairly new and pliable? If not, it may be time to replace it. To do so, unscrew the filter from the machine and pull off the old O-ring. Then, fit a new one in its place by hand. Do not use lubricants for this job — just be gentle when pushing it down over the threads.

Check for cracks

Cracks can occur in plastic parts of your pressure washer too — particularly around O-rings that are too tight or have dried out over time.

Replacing O-Rings on a Pressure Washer

If you have a leak coming from the pressure washer hose, an O-ring is likely the culprit. Just follow these steps to replace yours:

Step 1: Remove the hose by unscrewing it from the gun and machine.

Step 2: Locate your kit of spare O-rings that should have come with your pressure washer. Find the correct size and place it on the groove where you removed the old one.

Step 3: Screw in the hose again and test out your machine to make sure everything is working properly.

How Long Do O-Rings Last?

O-rings do not last forever, but they are inexpensive to replace and can be found at most hardware stores or online. They will typically last up to two years, but this depends on how often you use the machine. If you have problems identifying the o-rings in your pressure washer, seek for help from the Giraffetools collections.