What makes a pressure washer fail to Function?

What makes a pressure washer fail to Function?

Maintaining your SIMPSON machine washer and understanding how to repair it is vital in ownership. Prolong your machine's life and guard it using the following tips to avoid common mistakes.

After buying your machine, make sure you read all the safety requirements, operation instructions, and starting steps before you use it.

The pressure washer failed to start

One month after buying your machine, the fuel can turn stale. You always need to stabilize the fuel to prevent moisture from reaching the fuel. Though draining the fuel is a good option, it leaves the machine susceptible to contaminated moisture in the carburetor and tank. The best way is always to have a full tank and use an ethanol shield to limit moisture contamination.

Damaged washer pump after one seasonĀ 

If you fail to winterize your machine, residual moisture expands in cooler months, causing tiny cracks in the pump. Winterizing inhibits residual moisture from expanding, freezing, and cracking seals and valves in the pump.

The pressure washer emits low pressure only

The machine will give out lo pressure, maybe because of an incorrect size nozzle. A worn-out nozzle can also lead to low pressure thatĀ runs out of dispenser. Replace broken or worn-out nozzles to keep your machine safe. Use the accessories that match the machine's PSI range. The pressure can reduce if you use an accessory that needs a lower or higher range than your washer.

Check to see if your water source is enough or if it's fully turned on. Remove all debris that might block water on inlet filter pumps. A vertical or very long hose can limit water pressure.

The pressure washer is running roughly

Check the air filter to clear all debris. If it's dirty, replace it if you can't clean it well. Check the spark plug to see if it's dirty or worn. You either replace or clean it. If you have stayed long before using the machine and didn't use an ethanol shield, your fuel has issues. Preventive maintenance eliminates any ethanol-related issues. It eliminates water, inhibits corrosion, and keeps fuel fresh. If your engine continues to run roughly, visit any authorized service center or contact the manufacturer.

Leaking water pump

The following reasons will make your pump leak:

Leaving your pump to run for more than two minutes will make it enter the bypass mode. The reason is that the water continuously flows and heats up. A hot pump will cause cracks leading to leakages. You need a thermal relief valve that releases hot water when your pump becomes hot to prevent overheating. If you take breaks exceeding two to three minutes, remember to switch your machine.

If the leakage is at the wand, nozzle, or gun, your accessories aren't secured tightly. Switch off the machine and tighten everything well.

Machine shuts down when in use

The SIMPSON design ensures that it doesn't damage any mechanical component or engine. If it shuts down while working, the oil or gas is out. Always check the gas and oil level before switching it on.


For your machine to last long and offer the best service, you need to maintain it. Use the above tips to keep it in good shape and working condition.